Translation Enhancer Elements (TEEs) Technology Overview

The realization that regulation of gene expression requires both transcriptional and translational control elements led to a search for technologies that can identify these elements and exploit them to enhance protein synthesis.

Promosome's proprietary Translation Enhancer Elements (TEEs) are mRNA sequences thought to interact with components of the translational machinery, and thereby to enhance the cellular production of proteins. Since "ribosomal recruitment" may be cell-type and gene specific, Promosome's TEE technology can provide high specificity for protein expression and drug screening. The Scripps scientists have also demonstrated that their TEEs can be used to drive expression of multiple proteins simultaneously.

Promosome expects that further invention will drive its technology to produce even greater improvements in protein expression. The use of TEEs could augment protein expression as much as 100 times over constructs that do not contain such elements, with no loss of protein activity - a common shortcoming of other expression technologies.

Promosome's TEE technology enhances production of recombinant monoclonal antibodies by up to 10 fold, substantially beyond the current industry standard for chromosomal insertion technologies alone. 1. Promosome's TEE technology not only complements existing promoter and chromosomal integration technologies, it has the capacity to optimize current promoter technologies. 2. Promosome has proprietary promoter technology to offer in combination with synthetic TEEs or as a stand alone product.