Promosome Management Team

William J. Gedale
Chairman, Board of Managers

Mr. Gedale is a Senior Advisor and co-founder of NGN Capital, and has been in the investment business since 1965. Mr. Gedale joined NGN from Mount Everest Advisors, which he founded in 1996. He has served as an investment advisor to individuals and as a full time consultant to Warburg-Pincus Capital Management, the world's largest venture capital firm. In this capacity, he initiated the $140 million dollar financing of ZymoGenetics. From 1969 to 1995 Mr. Gedale, was associated with General American Investors, during his tenure he helped arrange the $350 million funding by Sandoz (Novartis) of the Scripps Research Institute and the $40 million funding of the Neuroscience Research Institute of La Jolla, California (of which he is a trustee).

John F. Manzello
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Manzello was appointed CEO of Promosome in 2007, bringing nearly 20 years of executive and director level experience in the biopharmaceutical industry with a concentration on business development and strategic alliances for the introduction of novel technologies. Prior to joining Promosome, Mr. Manzello was at San Diego's Althea Technologies. While at Althea, Mr. Manzello initiated and directed business development efforts supporting late phase biopharmaceutical production. Prior to Althea, Mr. Manzello utilized his talents and gained significant industry experience as Director of Business Development at Cohesive Technologies, Director of Commercial Development at Genzyme Transgenics and Director of Biopharmaceutical Services at Primedica Corporation. Mr. Manzello remains an active member of several biotechnology industry organizations and also serves on the Board of Directors of Recopharma AB, a Stockholm based biotherapeutic company.

Dora C. Koh, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist and Director of Lab Operations

Dr. Koh received her Ph.D. from The National University of Singapore, Singapore, and has been in the field of translation initiation for the past 12 years. As part of her graduate studies, she investigated the translation initiation mechanisms involved in viral gene expression and identified elements implicated in translational control in the laboratories of Drs. Sek-Man Wong and DX Liu. Dr. Koh was awarded a Gold Medal from International Society of Plant Molecular Biology (ISPMB) for an outstanding PhD thesis and was the valedictorian representing the Faculty of Science. Dr. Koh pursued her postdoctoral training in translation initiation mechanisms in the laboratory of Dr. Vincent Mauro at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla. She evaluated the role of nucleotide accessibility of BACE1 mRNA (an RNA involved in Alzheimer's disease) by adapting and optimizing a methodology to probe RNA conformation in living mammalian cells. Dr. Koh joined Promosome in July 2010, bringing on board her expertise and experience in translational control.