About Promosome

Promosome is a New York City based biotechnology company founded by William J. Gedale and John R. Costantino. The company has commercialized the discoveries of Nobel Laureate Dr. Gerald M. Edelman and Dr. Vincent P. Mauro of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla, California. Leveraging Drs. Edelman and Mauro's unparalleled expertise in the areas of mRNA translation, Promosome offers technology licensing opportunities for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that improve the time to cell line development and expression efficiencies of all types of biological products.

Promosome has established a Research Funding and Option Agreement (RFO) with TSRI and the laboratories of Dr.'s Edelman and Mauro that will continue to fill Promosome's commercial application pipeline. Promosome has already taken down several world-wide exclusive licenses on TSRI based technologies and intends to attain the same license for additional TSRI based inventions currently being researched.

Promosome has an established technology license and equity relationship with Recopharma AB of Stockholm and is currently advancing additional contractual partnering relationships and evaluation programs with industry-leading contract manufacturers, therapeutic biopharmaceutical companies and industrial bioproduction based companies. To augment its commercial initiatives, the company has recently established a La Jolla based developmental laboratory facility.